CPR Port McNicholl Terminal & Harbour, 800 acres of land, ESA lands & waterlots
Proposed redevelopment for 650 residential units, plus ESA and Parkland

Below is a list of Real Estate, Arbitration and 3rd Party Consulting websites:

MetroLinx |

The Appraisal Institute of Canada |

The Appraisal Institute of United States |

Ontario Association of the Appraisal Institute of Canada |

Municipal Property Assessment Corporation |

Assessment Review Board |

Canadian Property Tax Association |

City of Brampton |

City of Brantford |

City of Burlington |

City of Guelph |

City of Hamilton |

City of Kitchener |

City of London |

City of Mississauga |

City of Niagara Falls |

Town of Oakville |

City of St. Catharines |

City of Waterloo |

The Canadian Real Estate Association |

Ontario Real Estate Association |

Real Estate Institute of Canada |

Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation |