water fall

Sherman Waterfalls & abutting land valued
for Conservation Authority

Our Services:

• Arbitration – lease renewals, partnership disputes
• Consulting – future and historic values
• Highest & Best Use Analysis
• Expropriations & Litigation – partial taking, total buy-outs & business buy-outs with or without fee simple
• Litigation as an expert witness
• Acquisition/Sale of Properties
• Assessment Appeals
• Capital Gains, including 1971 valuation
• Estate Planning
• Insurance Valuations, i.e. fire damage
• Power of Sale
• Rental Surveys
• Subdivision of Land, i.e. development analysis
• Mortgage Financing

Other Areas:

• A licensed Real Estate Broker with emphasis on a consulting basis
• 2005 to 2008 – a member of the Board of Negotiation under the Expropriations Act
• Arbitrator for real estate matters, i.e. lease disputes, partnership differences
• Unusual and out of the ordinary types of real estate from Niagara Escarpment Waterfalls to a “waterfarm” to contaminated property.

cargo ship

Port Credit Harbour re Federal Government
Transfer to Mississauga

lilly pads

Environmentally Sensitive Land